Kevin Nash catches biggest ever brace in carp fishing history

Kevin Nash has entered the history books after landing the biggest ever brace of carp…two fish with a combined weight of well over 100lb!

The legendary Essex-based tackle boss took the colossal fish just 15 minutes apart and, incredibly, both were caught on surface fishing tactics.

Targeting his own Copse Lake in his home county, Kevin first slipped the net under a mirror weighing 52lb 2oz, before completing the quick-fire double with a huge common carp of 51lb 2oz.

He explained how the memorable catch unfolded: “The day was warm and muggy – great floater weather – so I started feeding Chum mixers, but the fish didn’t want to know. They were too wary to be fooled, so I switched to a different, ‘secret’ floating bait and after half-an-hour I really had the carp going.

“I spotted a group of three big fish, cast to them, and 15 minutes later hooked an extremely powerful fish that fought like the clappers. In the net I thought it might go 40lb, so I was stunned when the scales went round to over 50lb.

“After slipping it back, I saw that there were still some fish feeding along the far bank. Grabbing my rod I went round, but could only see small fish. To my left, though, was a small secluded bay.

“Looking over the rushes I saw the big common, known as the Emperor, come up and suck in a bait. Despite casting as gently as I could, it spooked out of the bay and sped towards the far bank, so I reeled in quickly and cast past it. The common came straight up and, unbelievably, took my bait!

“I spent a week after this carp last year on floater gear and lost count of the number of times I came close.”

Kev used a new prototype 15lb mono mainline, a small Drennan controller, and a size 10 Nash Fang Gaper hook. The rod he used was a prototype of a new model the company will be bringing out soon, named Entity.