Hydro power is all a con says Keith Arthur

Many things are being sacrificed on the scientifically-flawed altar of CO2-induced climate change, but this ludicrous idea of damming rivers that are already carrying annual flow rates 50 per cent or less of those 30 years ago is among the most bizarre.

The latest to get the green light, on the Warks Avon at Pershore, will have a hugely detrimental effect on the aquatic population.

The amount of electricity hydropower can provide is minimal compared to its overall impact. As river flows become less and less, this variation will increase still further.
Surely it cannot be long before this CO2 climate sham is exposed once and for all.

Just four years ago some clown was saying that cold winters for the UK were over thanks to the CO2 warming effect. La Nina soon put a stop to that ¬ as well as causing the calamitous flooding in Australia.

We are told that the population of our seas is changing through warming.
Well, sorry, evolution can handle 0.5ºC in 100 years quite nicely but it is having trouble with us dragging everything alive out of the oceans.

Incidentally, surface sea temperatures are currently 1.5ºC below normal. Where’s Al Gore now?

We are told that exotic creatures, from mammals to bacteria, are here because of ‘warming’. Things such as airplanes and cruise ships are never mentioned. Last week I said crucian carp were mainly in the south. That is because fish dealers based in the south introduced them as exotics and they have taken a long time to spread.

Now  commercials stock them from Lands End to John O’Groats. Will the CO2 vigilantes use that as another indicator?

I have to keep beating the drum of the Angling Trust. It represents anglers and our say is diminished by its inability to pay for the science we need to stop this kind of speculation. Someone is getting rich out of hydro-electricity and it won’t be anglers.