Hugh Miles – It’s my duty to fight cormorants

A film that tells the true story of the devastating effects cormorant predation is having on the UK’s freshwater fish stocks is currently being made by the sport’s most experienced and well respected cameramen.

Hugh Miles, the man behind hit series such as ‘A Passion for Angling’ and ‘Catching the Impossible’, is set to release the film which features ground-breaking u n d e r w a t e r footage of the predatory birds feeding on fish.

The Dorset based Film maker teamed up with the Angling Trust to produce the short programme so that it can be used in a publicity campaign to show the government how much damage the birds are doing to stocks at both river and stillwater fisheries.

Not only has Hugh admitted that the film will help emphasise the need for an ‘urgent reviewing’ of current laws allowing fishery owners and angling clubs to control cormorant numbers, but also allow him to do his bit in the fight to halt the ruin of UK waters.

“There’s no other issue in the sport that I feel more strongly about and I’ve made this film to show the destruction and damage that cormorants are capable of,” said Hugh.

“I feel it is my duty to do whatever’s within my power to help clubs and fishery owners that are having their fishing and livelihoods ruined by cormorants. I hope it opens people’s eyes.”

The film will be released on the Angling Trust’s own ‘You Tube’ channel and used in a campaign to raise awareness of the threat cormorants pose to fishing.

“It’s a massive coup for the sport that someone like Hugh Miles is making a film such as this,” said Will Smith of the Angling Trust.

“This will make the powers that be stand up and take notice when we present our case for the bid to change current licensing laws.”