Huge grassy rich reward for Paul's patience

This stunning 35lb 2oz grass carp is perfect proof that sheer patience and determination will often be handsomely rewarded.

After suffering two blank sessions in search of the notoriously finicky species, well known all-rounder Paul Garner decided to visit the same Southern Stillwater for another session in order to turn his fortunes around.

Things didn’t start well as after four hours feeding ‘floaters’ and waiting for the right moment to get his hook bait in the water, the brand manager for Nash’s Peg One put his first cast into a tree.

After that he managed to hook one of the big fish only to lose it after becoming snagged in a weedbed. But he kept his cool on the hottest day of the year so far and using a rig constructed from a 10lb hooklength and a size 14 hook baited with a Nash 10mm Monster Squid pop-up and a 10mm floating pellet he  to land his new personal best.

“The fish was just a plodding heavy weight until it saw the net. Then it did a great impression of a polaris missile, hurling itself clear out of the water and rolling sideways on to the line all in one motion,” Paul told AT.

“If I hadn't have pointed the rod at it and opened the bail arm on the reel there’s no way that the line would of held. Eventually he rolled into the net and was mine.”