Huge day-ticket carp caught at 57lb 14oz

During a five day session on Elphicks North Lake in Kent, Ben Hewer caught one of the UK’s biggest carp in the form of this 57lb 14oz mirror.

A heavy baiting approach paid off for the 33-year-old Milton Keynes-based rod who introduced 20kg of pellets, 10kg of Mainline Baits Cell boilies, 15kg of maize and 10kg of chilli hemp over a spot at 50yds range which shelved from 4ft to 5ft. He then fished double 15mm hookbaits over the top.
He’d already landed three fish to 33lb 10oz when he received a screaming take just after midnight.

“All the other takes had been quite ‘riggy’ but this one just stormed off,” he told AT. “It headed straight towards a set of snags but I managed to steer it back into open water. It came in fairly easily after this but felt really heavy. My mate and I struggled to actually lift it out of the water and we both broke into fits of laughter when we saw it lying on the mat! I still couldn’t believe that it was the big girl, and watched in amazement as the scales settled on 57lb 14oz smashing my old pb of 35lb.”

Ben’s winning setup consisted of a barbless size 6 Nash Fang Twister hook with a 3.5ins Korda Hybrid hooklink.