Huge 87lb 8oz mirror caught from Rainbow Lake

One of the world’s biggest carp has been landed by Dean Wood, this 87lb 8oz mirror, from the former world record venue Rainbow Lake in France.

The huge specimen was the highlight of an eight fish haul for the Derbyshire-based joiner who fished from swim five and targeted a set of snags at 50yds range.

“I was fishing locked up and the only indication I had was a single bleep on the alarm,” said the 47-year-old. “I picked up the rod and walked backwards to get the fish away from the snags, and then it just plodded around out in front of me. As soon as it came over the net I recognised it as the massive mirror called the Ken Dodd fish and it smashed my old pb of 49lb.”

Dean offered double tiger nut hookbaits on 35lb Kryston Quicksilver Gold hooklinks and size 2 Fox XSC hooks with 10oz leads on a safety clips. These were fished over 1kg of hemp and crushed tigers.