How you can help save Britain's historic carp waters

One of the most historically important and influential carp waters in the UK is under threat of destruction – and Angling Times is calling all anglers to help save it.

Savay Lake in the Colne Valley, Buckinghamshire, is steeped in angling history, but under government plans to construct a new high-speed rail link between Birmingham and London, it could be destroyed and lost to angling forever.

Carving directly through the Colne Valley, the proposed route of the HS2 line would also see the destruction of several other well known waters in the area, including Broadwater, Korda and Harefield, not to mentions large numbers of stillwater and river venues between the capital and the West Midlands.

With construction due to start in 2015, time is quickly running out to save these irreplaceable venues, which is why Angling Times is now calling all anglers to take a stand and save Savay.

In the same week that the high speed train line has been branded a £17billion ’white elephant’ by pressure group Taxpayers’ Alliance, AT is urging all anglers to put their name to a petition which could well decide the future of the famous water, along with countless other angling venues across the UK.

Martin Locke, owner of Solar Tackle, spent his formative angling years fishing Savay, catching the water’s most targeted fish, the legendary Sally, which Martin caught in 1987.

“It’s by far the best place I have ever fished, Martin told AT. “During the ‘80s and early ‘90s Savay was responsible for forming carp fishing and in turn shaping modern angling. All of the modern tactics and methods, along with ideas on tackle and baits were developed during these years at this one water. It needs to be saved, and every anglers should sign this petition.”

Also right behind the campaign is boss of tackle giant Korda Developments, Danny Fairbrass, who is urging all anglers to support the campaign.

“I was a days-only member of Savay many years ago. The lake is quite simply the most stunning place I’ve ever fished. The amazing fish that swim in it and the legendary anglers who have fished it make Savay an irreplaceable gem in carp-angling history, it must be saved,” said Danny.

“The planned routes will also affect several other waters in the Colne Valley, Korda lake for example which is where the name Korda Developments came after an exploratory visit to the lake for the up-and-coming season, some 20 years ago. I’ve never fished the lake but hold it in equally high regard as Savay.

“I urge all anglers and everyone who cares about our countryside to join with me and sign the petition to stop this rail link devastating such a historic and idyllic part of our beloved country,” he added.

The British Carp Study Group that runs the angling at Korda lake is also taking action against HS2.

“We’re urging all of our members to sign the petition and would encourage all anglers, carp or otherwise from across the UK, to do the same,” Ron Key of the BCSG told AT.

“This is a chance for angling to stand up for itself and save some very important waters and wildlife along with hundreds of other waters along the route.

“If the plans for this trainline go through we will lose the lot,” he added. “We need to fight hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.”


You could add your name to the growing list of anglers protesting against this measure. To go direct to the petition page, click HERE.