How you can fight the big three threats faced by angling

Angling Times this week calls upon all UK fisherman to stand together and fight the 'Big Three' issues threatening our sport.

Teaming up with fishing's representative body, the Angling Trust, we have produced free campaign posters that every angler, fishery and angling club can use to combat the problems we face.

Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust said, "If the clubs and readers of the paper take part in this national poster campaign, we can begin to change the future. The issues around poaching, cormorants and hydropower have real significance.

"I urge you all to print at least one poster out and put it up on notice boards and in prominent positions around fisheries to keep the rules and regulations to the fore. We can't allow these threats to our fish, and our fishing, to continue."

You can download these posters below.


Battle the threat of hydropower

26,000 sites have been identified for hydropower generators on our rivers. Many will kill coarse and game fish and stop them moving up and downstream to breed.

Click here to download this poster


Stop the poachers

In the closed season from March 15 to June 15, waters are at their most vunerable to illegal activities as law-abiding anglers are nowhere to be seen. Fish are also being stolen and ending up being eaten.

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Fight cormorant predation

The sport must compile an accurate picture of where the birds feed and in what numbers. We also need to know about problems with the licensing regime. Put up your poster asking people to report cormorant activity.

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