Hot tuna action on lures off the Irish coast

Proof that the west coast of Ireland is one of the best places to encounter species of sea fish more commonly associated with tropical climes came to light this week when Blarney, Cork-based angler Mike Dennehy and his friends spent a day afloat hauling albacore tuna!

“With the large anticyclone earlier in the week, we decided it was worth the effort to travel to Portmagee for the tuna. We departed at 2:30 am and arrived at the edge of the shelf four hours later," said Mike.

"After setting up the spread of lures I then began to troll along the shelf edge towards the south west, and didn’t have to wait long with the first fish on board by 8am. We then caught fish steadily all day - the tuna were very obliging and would readily accept any lure that we presented them with!"