Has Scottish loch produced a 4lb-plus roach?

Identifying true strain roach and rudd seems to be a hot subject this summer, with numerous fish landed in the past few months which have had anglers reaching for the record books, only to be disappointed later when they discover that their catch is a hybrid.

Another angler who may or may not be joining these swollen ranks soon is Colin Scott, who caught this 4lb specimen while fishing for carp at Culcreuch Castle Loch, in Scotland.

The 31-year-old thinks that the handsome fish, which fell to a 15mm CC Moore Meteor boilie tipped with plastic corn over a bed of hemp and pellet on the 02/7/2011, is a rudd/roach hybrid, but is seeking official clarification.

“Unfortunately there was no one else around at the time to take a better trophy shot, but hopefully someone can identify it for me,” said Colin.

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