Glugged boilies fool 43lb 4oz mirror

Kirk Temple’s rig had only been in the water for a couple of hours when it was picked up by this 43lb 4oz personal best mirror from Manor Farm Lake on the Richworth Linear Fisheries complex.

The Hull-based rod had located a firm silt patch which he baited with 3kg of mixed particles and chopped Sticky Bloodworm boilies soaked in Bloodworm Glug and Pure Krill Liquid.

He said: “When my mate and I arrived at the fishery we had a good look round and found that St John’s and Oxlease were fishing a bit slow. As such we decided to go on Manor where we’d seen a few fish showing, but I was really surprised when I had a take so quickly. I was over the moon when I realised it was one of the venue’s biggest residents known as Sticky Rib.”