Get your free fishing mainline with this week's Angling Times

This week's Angling Times comes with a FREE spool of line attached to the front - perfect for float, feeder and commercial carp fishing.

There are nine different spools available, in three different breaking strains and three different colours - red, clear and camoflaged.

All the spools hold 150m of line, so there's more than enough to fill a typical reel's shallow match spool.

Breaking strains to choose from are 4lb, 6lb and 8lb - just take a look at the spool on the front of the paper to make your choice.

Also in this week's issue:
* Exclusive story - Record perch; 6lb 2oz monster fish sets new UK best!
* Amazing chub - 8lb 1oz fish leads incredible end of season catches
* The man they can't beat; learn how a top matchman is topping the field at Sherwood Forest Fishery
* You're banned; the angler caught without a rod licence can't fish for two years!
* Save money with Angling Times with exclusive deals on day tickets
* WIN a Greys prodigy luggage set worth £600!
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Check your rod licence number and win cash and tackle - An incredible 1 million prize pot is up for grabs throughout the year!