Fly fishing for pike rockets in popularity

Fly fishing for pike is the fastest growing tactic in the UK with interest in the tactic rocketing by more than 100 per cent in the last season.

Tackle shop figures show a huge boom in the fishing style as more and more companies develop gear specifically designed for the species.

The popularity is driven by the sheer size of pike that live in trout waters and the exhilaration of catching predators on such a direct ‘tactile’ method.

The latest anglers to cash in on the great sport the fly offers were brothers Paul and John Miller, from Leicestershire, who this week  shared  pike of 25lb and 22lb 10oz from a Midlands venue.

And to prove just how simple the tactic can be, AT editor Richard Lee joined John for a quick lesson in the tactic.

*To find out how Richard got on, see next week’s Angling Times, on sale Tuesday 5th July. Keep an eye out for a brilliant instructional video that will be available on in the next few days, too.