Floater tactics result in 42lb 1oz mirror

There are few forms of fishing more exciting than floater fishing, and David Magalhaes recently put the tactic to good use and banked this 42lb 1oz mirror carp from CEMEX Angling’s Road Lake.

The Gerry’s of Wimbledon employee had caught a chunky mirror of 30lb 10oz during the night, but once the sun came up he started to fire out some floating pellets to where he’d seen a group of carp drifting around a weedbed.

It took three hours to get the carp feeding confidently but his patience was rewarded when the big mirror known as Clover took his Tails Up floating pellet hookbait.

Read more about David’s catch, plus all the other breaking big carp catches, in next week’s Angling Times on sale Tuesday July 19.