Fishing short held the key to Decoy Lakes match win

For many the howling winds of the weekend will have been an angling nightmare, but for Jon Whincup they forced him to fish shorter and produced a day’s fishing where he caught just about everything that swum in the Beastie Lake!

It helped to draw an out-and-out winter flier at peg 22, but with all thoughts of fishing long out of the question, the Fox Match/Van Den Eynde local drew his battle plans for two lines at 4m and 7m, despite the howling gale blowing over his shoulder.

Feeding maggots by hand, Jon swapped between single and double reds on the hook after a slow start casting the feeder to the island, and soon got into his stride.

He caught several species from both swims, although it was only in the final hour that his shorter 4m line came good with a run of decent F1 hybrids for a 74-12-0 total, to put him clear of chasing runner-up Nigel Baxter.

“The peg was a good one, a real flier, but the wind was absolutely horrendous, and even fishing at 7m was hard going because it was impossible to present a bait all that well, and certainly impossible to fish any other method,” Jon said.

“I started on the feeder to look for an early carp but only had a little F1, but with it being so mild I felt I’d catch well fishing shorter. I’ve had so many different species, it was a lovely day’s fishing, made even better in that last hour when the big F1s turned up.”