Fishing match cancelled after woman's body found

A club match was cancelled this week - after a woman’s body was found floating in one of the pegs.

The gruesome discovery was made at Needham Lake, the centre of a beauty spot in Needham Market, Suffolk, where anglers from Gipping Valley Angling Club were waiting to fish.

The body was found by a man walking around the venue, and anglers then raised the alarm, contacting the emergency services who recovered the body, which was floating face down, from peg 2 of the venue.

“From a distance it looked like a plastic bag and even when we got close we weren’t sure it was a real body - it’s just not what you expect to find,” GVAC chairman Steve Barnes told Angling Times.

“I’d fished that peg the week before. It was just surreal and something none of us will ever forget.

“After we’d given statements to the police we moved the match to another venue but a lot of the guys, including myself, dropped out. Fishing was the last thing on my mind after seeing that. We’ve got a match there again this coming weekend and we’re planning to hold a minute’s silence for the lady.” The body has subsequently been identified as that of 60-year-old Ruth Jacobs, from Ipswich.

A 58-year-old man was later arrested on suspicion of murder, before being detained under the Mental Health Act.