Fishing club installs CCTV to help control litter louts

An angling club that has been plagued by litter louts has been forced to install CCTV cameras at its premier waters in an effort to catch the culprits.

Scunthorpe Pisces AC controls a number of scenic stillwaters but their picturesque nature has been tarnished in recent weeks after large quantities of rubbish were left on the banks.

In an effort to stamp out the problem once and for all, the committee has now agreed to implement a hi-tech surveillance system at several association-run waters, including the popular Thornton Abbey, and has vowed to dish out severe punishments to anyone caught red-handed.

Club fisheries officer Simon Mattison knows only too well just how damaging discarded rubbish can be after his son David was forced to undergo a five-hour operation after he severed tendons in his hand when slicing it on an empty tin can several years ago.

“We’ve found bags of rubbish thrown in bushes, empty cans and other items that have just been dumped. It’s completely out of order, and once again the minority are ruining it for the majority. Five cameras have been installed so far, but we are considering placing them at every water we control,” explained Simon.

“We will be analysing all the footage we have, and if we catch anyone dumping they will be banned from the club immediately,” he added.

Although finding those leaving litter behind is the primary aim of the new cameras, the committee have also revealed that they hope to gain evidence to single out thieves who have stolen several expensive locks from venue perimeter gates.

The move has been applauded by a number of other clubs and venue owners who have suffered similar issues, and Doncaster DAA secretary Ian Hurst told Angling Times: “Fair play to the club for trying to stamp out people who leave litter. I’m sure it must be a big expense to install the cameras, but if they are sophisticated enough to catch them dumping red-handed then it can only be a good thing.”