First online pics of huge river carp!

There can be few better-looking carp than this mighty 39lb 6oz common, which was taken by barbel angler Andy Whittock from a stretch of the river in Hereford Town Centre.

The stunning specimen was hooked on the 49-year-old’s second cast of a short morning session after falling for a hair-rigged Sonubaits 12mm Elliptical pellet hookbait over a bed of Hemp and Hali Crush groundbait and pellets.
It took Andy over 20 minutes to bank the fish after it charged off on an initial 80yd run, but he eventually beat with a 4ft Drennan Sink Link hooklink and a size 10 hook.

“I’ve spoke to a few of the carpers on the river and several of them have seen a large common in the area but have never been able to get it to feed on their bait,” he told Angling Times.

“It obviously took a liking to my scaled-down barbel tactics though.”