Fir Tree Fishery to open disabled friendly water

A fishery that has created ambitious plans to build a brand new fully disabled 50 peg venue has announced the gates to the water will officially be opened in April next year.

Staff at Lancashire’s Fir Tree Fishery have worked tirelessly to construct the wheelchair accessible pool and are currently in the process or an extensive groundwork and planting project which is expected to be finished in the next few months.

Once that has been done, a vast array of species, including carp, tench, bream and roach, will be stocked in October and will be allowed to settle into their new home before sport can commence.

Bookings for the water are already being taken, with venue boss Martin Taylor announcing clubs will be able to secure 25 pegs on the lake for £150 in the summer months and £100 in winter.

“It’s exciting times for the complex and we can’t wait to get everything finished but we must take our time and make sure everything is perfect. Once it is open we are confident it will become one of the most popular waters in the area for anglers of all abilities,” explained Martin.
To book your club match or for more details call 01257 252607.