Famous carp lake closes following fish death mystery

One of the country’s most famous carp waters has closed its doors to anglers following a spate of mysterious fish deaths.

The prestigious Horseshoe Lake, owned by the Carp Society, has seen an alarming number of dead mirrors and commons washed up – more than double the figures expected through spring spawning losses.

The Environment Agency were at a loss to explain the deaths as oxygen levels in the water remained healthy, and they have now agreed to carry out post mortem examinations on the carp to try to discover what is responsible for the deaths.

Dave Mannall, director of the Carp Society, said: “We are working very closely with the EA to ensure we are taking all the necessary precautions and measures.”

The lake has been closed to reduce any chance of stressing the fish, but it is expected to reopen to permit holders only soon, although pegs may be restricted.