FREE spool of Ultima line worth £3.95 with your new issue of Improve Your Coarse Fishing – in the shops from June 15th

BREAM that think they’re carp, the ultimate barbel rig, a celebration of the start of the river season and a FREE spool of Ultima line worth £3.95 are highlights of the new Improve Your Coarse Fishing.

Out on June 15 it’s packed with expert advice to help you catch more fish right now, here is a taster of what’s in the latest issue of Britain’s best-selling fishing magazine…

• The days of cereal groundbaits for bream are over according to one expert. We discover the power of fishmeal groundbait and pellets for slabs.

• We reveal Sonubaits new pellet binding powder that makes it easy to pack pellets on a flat feeder to catch carp and bream.

• June 16 marks the start of the river season so we’ve got three features to celebrate. Whether you’re after chub, barbel or carp our river special has the answers.

• Crucian carp only eat tiny baits on fine hooks, right? Wrong actually. Darran Goulder reveals how a soft paste could bring you a fish of a lifetime.

• England international Steve Hemingray delves into ‘Rat Holes’. No he’s not a rodent catcher, he’s but he is catching carp in small gaps in island vegetation.

• Learn how you tie a super short hooklink with your FREE gift. It’s a top quality Ultima line and we show you how to get the best from it.

• The new Improve is out on June 15th – perfect timing for the start of the river season!