Exciting new plans at Richworth Linear Fisheries

Linear has announced that they have new exciting plans for their popular Guy Lake’s Syndicate waters. These three lovely lakes situated in the Oxfordshire countryside have been run as a syndicate for over 15 years, are just metres apart and cover sixty acres of fishable water between them.

Linear, through good management and careful stocking, already runs some of the most popular day ticket waters in the UK and now their intention is to improve Guy Lakes to a standard that will exceed the day ticket waters for fishing potential. The three syndicate waters already held a good head of stunning carp, including several over 40lbs, when Linear started sowing the seeds for their plans three years ago. Since that time and up to 2010 over three hundred carp were introduced to boost the existing stock. These fish weighed from high singles to fish of over 31lbs and included a high number of twenty pound specimens. In September 2011 another stocking programme began that so far has seen 100 carp from 14lbs to over 30lbs released in the three lakes. This is only the start of a 500 fish stocking plan that will see a further 150 fish this winter followed by 250 over 2012/13. Most of the fish stocked come directly from Linear’s own stock waters where they have been raised and where they were specifically picked for their size and scale patterns. Stocking will not stop here and Linear, to maintain the fishing at the high standards they intend to achieve, will continue, on an annual basis, to select carp from their stock ponds, whenever necessary.

The lakes, which have been described as amongst the most stunning in the country, cater for approximately 200 members. Membership is rolling and is for one year from the date of joining. Prices will rise over the next three years to cover the growing costs of stocking, extra security and weed prevention. The price for a year’s membership in 2012 will be £475 rising to £625 by the year 2014. From 2012 we will be offering members the choice to either pay the fee in a one off annual payment or to spread this fee over a twelve month period by direct debit. Our ability to offer this is subject to us obtaining a consumer credit licence, for which we are currently applying. Currently there is a short waiting list but the wait to be invited can be very short. Applications can be made through the Linear website: www.linear-fisheries.co.uk  

Spokesman and Fishery Manager for Richworth Linear, Len Gurd, said ‘I am more than confident that with our knowledge and expertise the Guy Lakes will rate amongst the best carp syndicate waters in the country. These waters, because of their beautiful setting, have always been my favourite and now with the fish we have and intend to introduce the fishing there will be out of this world’!