Environment Agency warn anglers to avoid rod licence website

The Environment Agency has this week branded a website that charges anglers for checking their details prior to buying a rod licence as ‘completely unnecessary’, following several complaints about the online service being received by Angling Times.

One furious angler who purchased three permits through www.fishingrodlicence.com was charged an extra £10 on top of the £27 cost of each one after using the Rod Licence Application Processing Services (RLAPS) site.

David Barton from Manchester admits to feeling ‘ripped off’ after using the service, which claims to ‘check applications ensuring there are no errors including spelling mistakes, switching of forenames and surnames and lack of capitalisation’, for which it charges a ‘small extra fee’ before sending the application on to the rod licence issuing body.

“I really thought I had logged on to the official EA website and just filled in the details as normal as I had no reason to question it,” said David. “I couldn’t believe it when I got the confirmation of my purchases stating that I had to pay £10 extra for each licence.

“The website does state that it charges a small fee for checking your details, but I can’t see how it can justify charging so much.”

The EA advises anglers to buy rod licences directly from its own website or their local Post Office.

“We would never reject a licence application on the basis of a spelling mistake or typing error.The service offered by RLAPS is unnecessary and we do not endorse it,” said an EA spokesman.

RLAPS issued a statement to Angling Times, saying: “We  provide a comprehensive application service for any angler wishing to obtain a rod licence.

“We will check over your application, ensuring there are no errors. We charge a small fee for this on top of the rod licence fee levied by the Environment Agency. If you do not need your application checking in this way you will save a small amount of money by applying directly to the rod licence issuing body.”