Double boilie hookbait fools 40lb 1oz mirror

Sticky consultant Sean Leverett found success during a 72-hour session at CEMEX Angling's Horton Church Lake when he landed this 40lb 1oz mirror known as the Virginian.
Essex-based Sean takes up the story: “After arriving at the lake in the early hours of Monday morning at around 1.30am, I walked the lake until first light looking for signs of fish activity. The only signs of fish I found were in a swim known as the Sick, but that was taken by a chap who was fortunately leaving later that afternoon. I dropped into a nearby swim until he left and then I moved into the Sick. The fish were showing at various ranges between 40 and 65 yards range so I positioned all three rods on different spots, one at 40yds range on ESP plastic corn, one at
50yds on a Sticky Vor-Tex bottom bait topped with ESP plastic corn and the final one at 65yds on double 12mm Sticky White Chocolate pop-ups. I baited each spot with a scattering of 16mm Vor-Tex boilies. There were plenty of fish showing throughout the night, but I had to wait until just before midnight the following day before I received a take from the long rod. The fish came in relatively easily at first but when I got it to within a few yards of the net it went absolutely ballistic and it took me a further 10 minutes to get it in the net. Once in the net I got a hand from the guy next door to me and together we weighed the fish on my tripod in order to get an accurate reading. The needle settled at 40lb 1oz and we recognised it as a carp known as the Virginian. After a few photos she was safely returned to her home none the worse for the ordeal. This was my first time using Sticky products and also my first session since becoming an ESP consultant. Let’s hope it's a sign of good things to come.”
Sean offered his Sticky White Chocolate hookbait on a rig tied with a size 7 ESP Curve-Shanx hook and a Ghost hooklink. Other winning tackle included an Ejector Lead Clip and Tail Rubber, Diffusion Camo Leader, Nash Extreme 12ft 3½lb TC rod and Daiwa SS3000 reel loaded with Syncro XT main line.