Daiwa launches two new flagship fishing seatboxes

Daiwa has launched two super-modern seatboxes this week, including a new flagship level Tournament box for match anglers and a traditional, ‘practical’ box that pleasure anglers will love.

The Tournament 400SB is packed with features, including a dual-frame with a top tier and sliding tackle unit below.

The split level modular design has a huge storage capacity within two shallow accessory side trays and two 40mm full width storage areas in the top unit alone.

The removable base unit has a further four front drawers and a deep 40mm storage area underneath the handled lid.

Three independent spirit levels ensure that the box can always be set up level, something made easier by having fully extendable telescopic legs too.

A solid, sliding footplate is held securely in place once fully extended by small hand-wheels just behind the front leg brackets. For carriage it slides neatly underneath the main frame.

A standout feature of the 400SB box is a new tension system that, combined with the coating and grooving on the legs, results in totally secure ‘locked’ leg that won’t ever slip under pressure.

Transporting this massive box around is made easier with its own wheel kit barrow system.

However, I was a little disappointed with this, as to fit and remove the wheels the box needs to have the legs fully extended, before tilting it over and fitting the wheels.

Other than that little gripe, this is a top-quality box at a very reasonable price, considering what you can pay for a seatbox these days.

Daiwa 150SB – a real all-rounder

Daiwa’s new 150SB is one of the best all-round tackle boxes to hit the market in recent years.

This more traditional-styled tackle box system has an almost retro look and feel about it, although it still offers many modern-day features, such as an easy sliding footplate and super stable round legs.

The deeper base unit is easily able to house bigger tackle items such as reels, and will be of particular use to river anglers, who may need to carry a few spare reels as well as extra spools for floatfishing and legering.

The four-drawer configuration offers two shallow winder trays that are accessible from either side, while the deeper front drawers can house all your smaller accessories.

There’s also a decent sized area directly underneath the seat, and this could be used to store floats and feeders, or hooklength boxes, catties and pole pots.

The Daiwa 150SB is a tackle box that has been designed to suit the all-round angler, and at the very reasonable asking price it delivers the goods: it is sure to find many admirers this forthcoming season.