Cudmore Fisheries stock potential record-breaking perch

A giant perch stocked into a day-ticket fishery at nearly 6lb ‘will make the British record in a matter of weeks’, says the venue’s owner.

Weighing 5lb 13oz - just 2oz off the current national best - the big fish was released into a new Predator Pool at Staffordshire’s Cudmore Fisheries, with owner Cyril Brewster adamant it will go on to make history.

“The fish was netted from one of our match pools, but had never been caught before,” he said. “There are loads of fry in there, so it would have gorged on those to reach this size, which is probably why it’s never taken a hookbait before.

“It shouldn’t be long before it puts on enough weight to go through the 6lb barrier.”
Stocked with 40 other fish all over 2lb, the  specimen is another in an increasing number of giants residing in  commercial venues where perch are the apex predators.

“We’re all aware of the perch these fisheries can produce, but this is a very big fish that will go over the record. It’ll be 6lb by March,” said
Steve Aley, of The Perchfishers.

Containing pike, catfish and perch, Cudmore Fisheries’ new Predator Pool is planned to be opened in mid February. For more information, contact Cudmore on 01782 680919.