Cod bonanza off the North Sea coast

Catching your first double figure cod can be a bit like waiting for a bus.....just ask father and son duo Steven Surtees Snr and Jnr who enjoyed a big hit of the species while fishing off the coast of Whitby, Yorks.

After his dad (pictured), who is secretary of the Northumberland-based Bedlington Station SAC, landed a whopper of 23lb on an artificial lure while fishing aboard Chieftain, skippered by George Metcalfe, Steve Jnr then proved he was a chip off the old block by boating a 19lb cod, his first ever 'double'.

Not satisfied with that, he then swicthed to a 20lb class outfit and hauled up a quadruple shot comprising fish of 13lb, 12lb, 11lb and 7lb!

Steve Snr said: “ He had never caught a double-figure cod before and then caught three in one hit!”