Club bans rod and line angling!

A fishing club has taken the extreme step of banning rods and reels on one of its waters in order to 'save the lives of its anglers', Angling Times can reveal.

The decision to ban running line fishing on Newlands Number Four Pond in Clipstone, Notts, was made by Nottingham AA after anglers repeatedly placed their lives in danger by flouting rules protecting them from overhead power cables.

Described as the ‘last resort’ by the club’s Secretary, the shock move was taken following instances which saw anglers not only ignoring warning signs and fishing in out of bounds areas, but in one case cutting down ropes specifically placed across the water to prevent casting near the 11,000volt cables.

“It was only a matter of time before someone got seriously injured, or worse,” the club’s secretary David Turner told Angling Times.

“The pool has power cables running across one end so we obviously don’t allow fishing down there because of the risk to the anglers. We’ve got signs up all over the place warning them, we’ve let the banks in the no-go zone become overgrown so people can’t get down there and we even went to the trouble of running rope across the water in zig-zags so that no one could cast a line in the danger area, but someone just went down there, cut them through and let them fall into the water.

“The result of all of this is that we’ve now banned anything other than pole fishing at the venue, and the anglers who broke the rules only have themselves to blame,” he added.