Cemex Angling accused of falling into disarray

The UK’s biggest fishing club this week stands accused of ‘falling into disarray’.
Cemex Angling has been surrounded by controversy after worried fishermen posted on internet forums and contacted Angling Times to complain about the ‘overpowering stench’ coming from the bodies of dead specimen carp which have been left rotting on the banks of one of its flagship waters – Frimley Pit 2.

The corpses were from the aftermath of a winter fish-kill at the Surrey venue, but it’s the prolonged delay in the clean-up operation that has made many members question the company’s dedication.

Cemex, a global leader in the aggregates market, is also currently the UK’s largest commercial angling organisation in the UK, and controls more than 70 stillwaters and 20 stretches of river, catering for pleasure, specimen and match anglers.

But since the company streamlined its fisheries management team last year, many anglers believe that the impeccably high standards that had been set in the past and enjoyed by thousands of customers, are slipping. Rumours are also circulating that many bailiffs have become disillusioned, and have resigned in protest.

“There are still dead fish all over the place at Frimley 2, and a pit that had been prepared behind the lake to bury the carcasses has been visited by foxes that have dug them up. The smell is unbearable,” a source close to the situation told Angling Times.

“This is concrete proof that the fisheries team is stretched to breaking point. It’s not the fault of the guys on the ground, it’s the big bosses upstairs who no longer seem to care about the fishing side of the company – they wouldn’t know a fishing rod if it poked them in the eye!”

Despite the damning accusations, Dan Panormo the company’s head of property who also now oversees Cemex Angling, told Angling Times: “Our top priority is to ensure our members continue to enjoy fishing our venues, and our first-class fishing venues are tirelessly maintained by our 350-strong bailiff team.”