Cash crisis for England's match fishing teams

England’s bid for a string of gold medals at this year’s World Angling Games hangs in the balance after Dick Clegg admitted many of the sides are ‘flat broke’.

With the men’s and youth sides well-sponsored by Drennan and Sensas, the ladies, disabled and veterans currently have no funds to support their efforts in Italy this September and face having to raise the cash again, the same boat they were in two years ago.

“We’re in the same situation we were in last year,” said Angling Trust international events director Dick.

“The ladies, veterans and disabled teams have no funding for this year’s World Games and we are very grateful to Stuart Porter who funded the teams in 2010, but this isn’t ongoing. Because it is the World Games, I think England should be represented for all the events but our anglers face having to pay £2,000 each which they shouldn’t have to pay in the first place.

“We’d be very grateful if anyone would like to fund or part-fund our teams.”
Emma Pickering has fished for the England Ladies’ team since she was 16, being crowned World Champion in 2008 and thinks the teams should be better recognised for their consistent success.

“We bring medals back year in, year out whether they’re team or individual medals. I wish this was recognised more and we could get the help that we deserve,” Emma said. “All the England teams work very hard and it’s tough to imagine that we may not be able to compete this year because of a lack of funding. With it being the World Games it would be fantastic if all teams could compete and come back as World Champions.”