Can you identify the mystery fish?

When Pete McKay landed this impressive fish during a pleasure angling session on a tidal stretch of the River Trent, at first he thought that he had caught a huge chub.

Upon closer inspection of the impressive 6lb 2oz specimen, however, he realised that something wasn’t right and so asked the opinion of his fellow anglers along the stretch.

Most thought it was an ide, some were sure it was a chub, while a few considered it to be a hybrid of some sort.

“A couple of the lads were adamant that it was an ide, and I’m minded to believe them, but ideally I would like the views of an expert just to be sure,” Pete told Angling Times.

Four separate pictures of the fish have now been sent to fish identification experts at the Environment Agency, and the results will be posted on this website as soon as we receive them.