Biggest pike of the season – taken on a boilie!

The biggest pike of the year, a 38lb 7oz giant, has been banked – by a carp angler fishing a pink boilie and fake sweetcorn cocktail!

It’s the first of the species that 58-year-old Dennis Jones has ever caught and came during a two-day session at club water Woodstock Pond, in Newport.

Despite the fish’s huge size, Dennis, from nearby Rogiet, subdued the specimen in just a couple of minutes after a ‘sluggish’ fight.

“I’ve hooked pike before when reeling a rig in, but they’ve always bitten me off. But this fish was hooked fair and square in the side of the mouth – I can’t imagine that it took a still bait on the bottom, so I think it must have disturbed the boilie as it swam past,” he said.

He took the fish, which on the second day of his trip at 1.39pm, when his indicator registered three bleeps and moved halfway up the line. Immediately, his rod bent over as a heavy fish hugged the bottom and he was convinced he’d hooked a big carp.

“When it came near the bank my friend had the net, and suddenly it popped up. ‘It’s a bloomin’ great pike!’ he said. I was a bit down in the dumps at first, then I saw the size of it. It looked huge on the unhooking mat and we both thought it was around 30lb, but it was a very fat fish.

I’ve had carp to 27lb, but I’ve never caught anything like this before!” he said.
Dennis’ pike was beaten with the help of a size 6 hook, 15lb mainline and 8ins of 25lb hooklength.

It is the second 30lb-plus esox to come from Woodstock Pond this year and sets a new club best for Newport Angling Association, which runs the water. Visit for more information.