Biggest chub of the season falls to boilie

This is the picture of the biggest chub of the season so far, tipping the scales at 7lb 11oz.

River Colne expert Dave Summersell used all of his experience to bank the new personal best from the Hertfordshire waterway.

He targeted an Uxbridge Rovers-controlled stretch and settled in the same swim that had produced his previous biggest chub, weighing 6lb 9oz, just a week before his most recent short evening session.

The river enthusiast, from Ruislip in Greater London, legered a Richworth boilie over a light scattering of free offerings to tempt the fish, which is 7oz short of the Colne chub record.

But local bailiff Dave is confident that this is a figure that will soon be broken after recently spotting a fish that he estimated at weighing around 9lb while he was clearing weed from the river.

“If you get your tactics right this is without doubt one of the best rivers for big chub and barbel in the country and this chub will be well over 8lb in the winter,” Dave told Angling Times.

“The nature of the venue makes it easy to spot fish, but by the same token it makes it tough to fool the really big ones. My son has had two chub over 7lb and I’m so glad that I’ve done it too!”

Dave’s rig was constructed from 10lb mainline and a 10lb braided hooklength that was attached to a size 8 hook.