Barbel and chub bests fall to legered pellets

Any angler would be more than happy to break one personal best in a session, but Ian Lowe did it twice when he caught a 13lb 10oz barbel and a 6lb 1oz chub.

Tackling an undisclosed Midlands river, the 39-year-old baited two swims with a Teme Severn Mini Mix and hemp.

The first swim was unproductive, but a move then saw the big chub banked an hour later, so Ian rested the swim and introduced another 10 bait droppers full of bait.

This saw a big barbel hooked and it took him on a couple of long runs before he was able to slip the net under personal best number two, 5oz above his previous biggest.

 Both specimens fell to a new prototype Ellipsis boilie.