Baitcraft boss catches Trophy Fish at 44lb 8oz from Savay

We’ve just received this catch report of a stunning 44lb 8oz mirror known as the Trophy Fish from Savay Lake by Baitcraft boss Mark McKenna.

“Having blanked a rota I got back down to fish the overnighters on Savay’s last rota (2 - 9/10/11) and came out last in the draw - again! I opted for the 'Roach' swim as there were fish on the Canal Bank albeit a bit further left than the Roach. It was as near as I could get, though, and I had a plan to fish really long to a feature that runs off the Ruislip Island margin in front. It meant spodding at a range of over 150yds which is a pain, but it doesn't get done very often so it's a tactic that I felt sure would pay off. Wrong! God laughed at my plan and dished out an unexpectedly stiff WSW wind with accompanying 'weedbergs' on the Tuesday which meant I couldn't bait the area I intended to fish so I reorganised my rods accordingly. By now, doubt had begun to creep into my mind, however, and still haunted by a previous blank rota I decided a move was on the cards. Wednesday saw the Reeds free to my left but as there was no one due down until the weekend I let it lie fallow with no lines out for a day before moving in at 5.00am Thursday. I then had to shoot off to work for the day, but before doing so I made sure all my rods were clipped up to the spots.
“I returned that evening and knowing the swim as I do, it was no bother to get all the rods out bang on the money and baited up. Having only a 120yds cast on the longest rods made life a lot easier in the breeze which was still pumping into the Canal Bank. My mate Cabbie had bagged a fish known as Lionels at 45lb 2oz from the swim next door that morning so we celebrated the capture as the evening drew on. Nothing very much happened but I heard a fish just before bed that sounded like it was where I needed it to be, so I retired happier than I had been. I blanked that night then returned the following evening having had a frantic call from Cabbie saying he'd seen a load of fish in the Cottage and he was moving if I'd care to join him. He'd bagged position A, though, so rather than be a ghillie for the duration I decided to stick to my guns and have the whole Canal bank to myself for a change. Rightly or wrongly, I convinced myself there were fish still present.

“Saturday saw me mutilating myself mentally for it had gone ever so quiet on the carp sightings front and to make matters worse I had a tonne of seriously dodgy 'JuJu' to contend with as it appeared I might be stuck on my 13th fish of the year - though John Harry did remind me when I relayed my woes to him that there were a lot of people around who'd love to be stuck on 13 right now! As an angler I'm never content with what I've already got and I wanted 'just one more' real bad. So when a good 'un flopped out just off the Island margin in front of me I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“A rethink on the rigs saw me change all three onto a critically balanced set up I'd blatantly copied from the Cabbie's 'Hogwarts magic rig manual' complete with 'yella fella's' for hookbaits. As the night drew in my attention was drawn to filling my stomach. I was half way through my second 'McK Bacon and Cheese' burger when my middle rod levitated out of the buzzer with the accompanying one noter signalling I'd got it right at last!

“When they can take line at 120yards they are normally good’uns and I had to spend time convincing it that it couldn't stay behind the 3rd bar forever. Having got it back in to my bank I then proceeded to miss net it twice before, finally, another Savay chunk lay wallowing in the net. It looked a bit like the Trophy fish I'd had earlier in the year, however, it didn't have a lump on its flank so I thought I had tagged a new one for myself. It turned out though that the lump fades to nothing with the Autumnal weight gain and it was indeed a recapture of the Trophy fish. At 44lb 8oz I wasn't complaining though. I’d avoided a blank and number 13 in one foul swoop. We didn't mess about as she'd been out the previous rota so a couple of quick pics were taken and back she went swimming off strongly in perfect condition.
“The gear I used was 18lb ESP Syncro XT line, with 25lb Two Tone silt coloured hooklinks and size 7 D7 hooks. bait was a 'yella fella' fished over spod mix comprising hemp, corn, prototype pellets boilies and additives I used about 30Kg in total over the course of the week.”

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