Stillwater’s Extreme BP12000 is a high quality Big Pit reel which punches massively above it’s £99.99 price tag, and is now on offer to Go Fishing users for just £59.99.
It has been designed with the help of some of the sport’s top carp and specimen anglers and ticks all the boxes in performance, design, and looks.
With £40 off the full RRP it also comes at a sensible price too, especially when you see the extras which are standard
The Stillwater Extreme BP12000 has an incredible 13+1 Ball Bearings and comes with two long cast alloy spools, a choice of two handle options, a matt black rubberised finish and a Power drive gearing system for greater strength and higher torque.
“This reel may not have a ‘big’ brand name stuck to the side of it but believe me it knocks many of them for six,” confirmed Angling Times’ Steve Fitzpatrick.
“You also get a heck of a lot of reel for your money with two long cast alloy spools, a choice of two handles, and finely crafted insides which boast 13+1 ball bearings.
Big pit reels are a must-have for carp, pike and specimen fishing these days as they give you loads of power for playing fish but more importantly they offer a huge spool size which helps to aid longer casts.
The choice of handles is a nice touch too. Some carp anglers position their rods so close on pods they prefer to use reels with folding handles and this reel comes with a choice of two handles which means you can fish with a traditional power handle set up or a quick fold power handle.
“To get a serious Big Pit reel for under 60 quid is remarkable, and for me this is where the smart money goes,” added Steve.

Tech Spec

Stillwater Extreme BP12000 Big Pit reel
13+1 Ball bearings
Great line lay
Supplied with two handle options with ergonomic wooden handles - 1 x forged aluminium and 1 x quick fold
Supplied with 2 long cast alloy spools - 1 x long range large capacity, 1 x shallow for 300m of 17lb mono or braid
Line friendly spring loaded line clips
Classic matt black rubberised finish with subtle gunmetal cosmetics
Instant anti reverse
Computer balance rotor
Power drive gear for greater strength and higher torque

Stillwater Extreme BP12000 Big Pit reel
RRP £99.99 Offer price £59.99 + £4.99p&p