This new Ikonix Centrepin from Waterline has been described as ‘simply stunning’ by anglers who’ve managed to get their hands on one this season.
A real quick seller, we have just secured 200 of them at a special price and are passing on the savings to Go Fishing’s online shop users.
There are loads of fishermen going back to centrepins – some reliving their youth – and others picking them for their amazing smoothness which allows you to run a float down a river perfectly.
If you love traditional barbel and chub fishing then they’re a vital part of your kit and are already being used for float and legering tactics on the rivers.
For the modern stillwater angler they’re becoming the ‘in’ reel for attaching to a long rod and fishing in the margins of day ticket waters for carp and tench.
Angling Times’ Steve Fitzpatrick is one of a growing band of ‘pin converts.
“I’ve seen a lot of anglers fishing with ‘pins on 13ft-plus float rods in the past 12months and it looked like such a fabulous way of fishing I had to give it a go myself and headed to a club water near the Angling Times offices.
“With a piece of paste dropped over the top of a few pellets fed down the edge it wasn’t long before a carp was making the centrepin’s ratchet scream,” said Steve.
“And what I thought would be a tough ask for a ‘pin actually turned out to be a very enjoyable way of fishing and I felt brought the sporting element back to catching big fish from the margins.”
The Ikonix Centrepin features a traditional design with a 4.25in diameter large arbour drum and spool each machine cut from one piece of metal.
Weighing just 219g, it is also ultra-smooth when running and a single flick of the spool gets it spinning for ages.
“For me this is a 100 quid quality centrepin at around half that price,” added Steve.

Tech Spec

Waterline Ikonix Centrepin reel
Traditional design with 4.25in diameter large arbour drum.
One piece machine cut frame and single piece machine cut spool
Spool width: 3/4ins.
Weight 219g (approx)
Ultra smooth running
Optional ratchet - engaged by rotating button on back plate
Supplied in storage bag

Ikonix Centrepin reel
RRP £64.99 Offer price £59.99 + £4.99 p&p