Atkin wins Fish O Mania final

The bookies called it wrong for this year’s Party Fish O Mania final with rank outsider Shane Atkin taking the coveted trophy and the £30,000 cash prize.

Odds of up to 25/1 were available for the Billingham-based ace before the all-important draw but he took full advantage of landing on hot peg 1 on Arena Pool at Staffordshire’s Cudmore Fisheries and managed to put together a winning 20.530kg to take a place in the history books.

“I’ve got four kids and I’m not on a big wage so the money is life-changing but it is also mind-blowing to win such a big event,” explained an almost speechless Shane.

Full result

1 Shane Atkin, 20-530; 2 Simon Christian, 15-180; 3 Dave George, 13-240; 4 Chris Kendall, 12-600; 5 Andy Favill, 11-360; 6 Tim Nash, 10-360; 7 Kieron Rich, 9-760; 8 Richard Aherne, 7-650; 9 Andy Neal, 5-890; 10 Andy May, 5-890; 11 Rob Pelling, 5-640; 12 Jon Arthur, 5-540; 13 Nathan Watson, 4-800; 14 Mark Wainwright, 4-740; 15 Tony Curd, 4-100; 16 Alan Bruce, 2-960.

For a full report on the big final, pick up a copy of this week’s Angling Times, on the shelves from Tuesday July 19.