Are giant tuna returning to our shores?

Huge bluefin tuna, or ‘tunny’, could be set to return to our shores for the first time in decades, experts are predicting.

Shocked commercial fishermen searching for salmon and sea trout in the North East and Yorkshire have discovered numbers of tuna in their nets, the first examples of the species they have seen in their local waters for 35 years.

In total, a dozen fish have been taken in a matter of weeks, raising hopes among some that a return to the days when the rich and famous descended upon the east coast of Yorkshire to fish for huge bluefin tuna, or ‘tunny’, weighing well over 500lb may not be too far away.

Mel Russ, editor of Angling Times sister title Sea Angler, said: “This is one of the most exciting things to happen to our seas for 50 years!”

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