Another match fishing water bites the dust

The New Year will see yet another fishery out of commission for matchfishing thanks to the moaners, as Astwood Fishery, near Bromsgrove, goes the way of Hostick’s Ponds and countless others in closing their doors to open matches.

The same old problem has been cited at Astwood, where bosses have finally had enough of anglers telling them how to run their fishery and matches – the exact same reasons cited at Hostick’s 18 months ago. But the news doesn’t surprise those that have been in the business for years and seen it all!

John Raison has been running his Gold Valley Lakes complex for 18 years and has troublemakers, but he finds that only the minority cause problems.

If that minority are dealt with an iron fist in the first place then the hassle and bickering is stamped out.

“We find that 10 per cent of the anglers cause 90 per cent of the problems. The others are very good and are no trouble,” John said.

“When that minority books in for an open match, we cringe because they make comments about the fishery and say things you could do without when you’re running the place as your livelihood.”

“I know at some fisheries if the angler doesn’t like the peg they pick they kick up an almighty fuss and the problem is Another match water that fishery owners make a rod for their own back by bowing to these anglers,” he continued.

“There are a few owners in the South who are frightened of anglers who rock the boat, but we make the rules. If anglers don’t like them, they’re told that they can choose not to come back.

“We had an example the other week when we allowed anglers two hours to break the ice. Some then wanted the start time putting back, but after the draw anglers were still in the clubhouse eating their second breakfast! Make the rules, stick by them and have no exceptions. You’ll lose some anglers as a result, but it will be worth it.”

Monk Lakes is one of the largest fisheries in the country and more noted for its specimen carp, although the four match lakes are extremely popular. On many occasions, matches are left to the anglers to run, as Monk’s Morgan Jones explained: “We have several open matches, probably about one a month and we are heavily booked up with club matches, and most of these are run by the anglers themselves,” Morgan said.

“You do get a few gripes and moans, normally about the pegging, but it happens, and we have a regular group of anglers fishing here who are great. Those that moan normally drift off after a few matches and you’re left with those who want to be here.”