Angling club threatens to continue fishing rivers during closed season - HAVE YOUR SAY

A fishing club has announced it will be staging an illegal river fishing match in protest against what it sees as the ‘out-dated’ laws of the closed season.

Willow Creek Angling Club, based around Bewdley in Worcestershire, is currently organising the contest to take place on the River Severn next month – a date and location which will see all the anglers involved breaking current Environment Agency byelaws.

Club officials have vowed that all the event’s competitors are prepared to take any punishment that follows – which could include fines, prosecution and the confiscation of tackle – in the hope that the demonstration will force the EA to review the closed season on rivers nationwide.

Once the club has finalised a date for the match it will openly invite the EA to attend, with match organiser Jason Ford telling Angling Times that the illegal contest is for all other struggling river clubs who also believe the current closed season is both out-dated and that detailed research into its validity is now needed.

“We’ll pay the fines and have our day in court if we have to because everyone who fishes this match will be prepared to take the punishment in order to stand up for what we believe in,” said Jason.

“This match is a protest and we want the EA to turn up and see how strongly we feel about this issue.

“Someone has to stand up and fight for river clubs that are now losing up to five months of fishing every year if you also take the weather into account. A review of the current closed season is long overdue and the laws around it are now pointless.”

Angling Times contacted the Environment Agency regarding the intended actions of WCAC and how the agency would deal with the situation, receiving this statement in response: “The closed season is in place to protect spawning wild fish in our rivers. If people are found fishing in the closed season they could face action – including fines, prosecution or having their equipment seized.

“We are always happy to speak with any body of anglers and listen to their views on how the sport is regulated and explain the laws that are in place.”  


Angling Times and are giving the opportunity to vote in an exclusive poll on whether they think that there should be a review on the current closed season on running water.

The latest edition of AT revealed the intentions of  an that are planning to run an illegal river match in the hope that the demonstration will force the Environment Agency to review the closed season on river nation-wide.

It’s a decision that has divided the angling world with many anglers and clubs of the opinion that the current closed season is out dated and no longer relevant to the sport and those who are strongly in favour on both traditional and ethical grounds.

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