Angling Trust secures Winter League

It is with great pleasure that Angling Times can announce it is to hand over the running of the Team Champs to the sport’s governing body, the Angling Trust.
It is the paper’s belief that whenever possible major events should come under the wing of the Trust, much the way the FA is at the forefront of all competitive football in Britain.

The announcement follows detailed discussions that were unfortunately extended due to a very busy schedule for the Angling Trust with the body preparing to send all its International teams to the World Champs in Italy. The finalising of a sponsor was also a consideration.

The event will know be known as the Angling Trust Winter league and will carry a supporting sponsorship name. The structure of the event will largely remain the same although the Trust will make a few minor changes to rules.

Angling Times editor Richard Lee said: “This is great news and it has long been a plan to hand over every viable event to the sport’s governing body. An umbrella body for match angling was the vision of my old friend Rodney Coldron, who worked tirelessly for many years at the National Federation of Anglers to promote the sport, and I vowed one day the event would be his. And now, I’ve finally been true to my word.

“Sadly this year the Maver Pairs had to fold as a lack of support from match anglers made the event totally unworkable. Thankfully, the Winter League is still alive and hopefully the excellent team at the Angling Trust can take the event on to the next level.

“Angling Times is totally committed to match fishing and currently runs Clubman events and leagues as well as the County Champs – highly costly, labour intensive data driven projects that are currently impossible to hand over the Trust.”
Angling Times will continue to cover the Winter League in print and online to celebrate the achievements of the nation’s matchmen.

Finally, Angling Times would like to take this opportunity to thank Ken and Jackie Wade for running the Team Champs on behalf of the paper. They have organised the tournament with professionalism and passion, in what at times has seemed a thankless task. Cheers guys.

Further details of the Winter League will be printed in Tuesday’s AT.