Anglers having to work hard at Grafham

Anglers have had their skills well tested, but rewards have been good for those with the right tactics. Chris Bobby fished Sanctuary Bay during the Wychwood Mixed Pairs event and landed rainbows of 5lb 14oz and 5lb 4oz, one to a Hopper and one to a Booby.

Elsewhere, Phil Cotton took eight fish for 24lb 7oz while fishing for Team Airflo in the southern final of the Anglian Water Airflo International.

Fish have been feeding on a variety of items including snails, pinfry, various nymphs and dry flies in addition to shrimps. The water surface has often been littered with ants, spiders, sedges and some buzzers, perhaps explaining why shoals of fish have regularly been seen at the surface, even in bright, sunny conditions.

Various methods have been successful and have included teams of nymphs, wet flies and mini lures on anything from floating lines to midge tips, slow sinkers and Di-5s. The washing-line method has been the most popular.

In general boat fishing has been most productive, but banks have fished best early in the morning or in the evening.