Anglers fight back in poaching battle

A group of Irish anglers so disgusted with how their venues are being raped by poachers have taken matters into their own hands by setting up a body to help offer protection.

Formed by fisherman from across the north of the country as a response to the growing problem, ‘Lake Watch’ is designed to help fill the gap left by the stretched resources of Inland Fisheries Ireland.

The initiative, operating in and around the counties of Cavan and Monaghan by volunteers, has a number of ideas ready to launch, including:
- Regular patrols of waters
- 24-hour poaching hotline
- Distribution of information fliers
- Installation of CCTV cameras at badly affected waters
- Fighting for the right for water keepers to seize vehicles used by poachers

*For the full story, see next week’s Angling Times, out Tuesday 28th June.