Alan Scotthorne has faultless performance to win White Acres spring match fishing festival

Five times world champ Alan Scotthorne turned in a faultless performance to win the Milo, the last of White Acres’ spring festivals, with a perfect 36-point score over five days of action.

It was a feat that saw the big man claim the second big Cornish win of his career – and it’s bound not to be his last!

Four section wins gave the Shimano/Van Den Eynde legend the £3,500 winning score, a point in front of the usual clutch of anglers on 35, headed by Essex rod Danny Grimsey, who picked up second courtesy of having a better result to drop.

Day 1 on Pollawyn peg 34 gave Alan 110-15-0, pellet fished on the new Drennan Method feeders taking care of the carp to go alongside his silvers caught on meat and pellet.

Trelawney Lake peg 20 gave him another maximum and a lake win with 79-11-0 of skimmers and carp on Method and pole with meat before his only ‘blip’ of the week, a second in section on Trewaters with 94-6-0, 120 fish in all.

Porth got him back on track with 15-1-0 of roach on pole and maggot for the section, rounded off at Bolingey on the final day with 97-5-0 of proper carp on meat and pellet at peg 46.

“The week was all about preparing your other swims,” he added. “Of course, you had to fish for carp while being mindful of other fish.

It made for lovely fishing as you were always getting bites.”


1 A Scotthorne, Shimano/Van Den Eynde, 36pts
2 D Grimsey, Maver Image Van Den Eynde, 35 (dropping 8)
3 L Edwards, Preston Innovations, 35 (dropping 7)
4 H Billing, Team Mosella Garbolino, 34 (dropping 7 – 434-11-0)
5 J Harvey, Cwmbran Angling Nobblers, 34 (dropping 7 – 399-7-0)
6 S Colclough, Maver Image Van Den Eynde, 34 (dropping 7 – 344-12-0)
7 L Hodgkinson, Mill Tackle, 34 (dropping 6)
8 T Pickering, Preston Innovations, 34 (dropping 4 – 426-5-0)
9 D Cox, Garbolino, 34 (dropping 4 – 382-6-0)
10 T Bull, Guru/Dynamite Baits, 34 (dropping 4 - 300-0-0)