45lb 14oz pike shakes the British record

The British pike record stands on the brink this week, following the capture of a momentous 45lb 14oz specimen from a little known northern trout water.

Falling just 15oz shy of the current British best, the huge fish – captured from Wykeham Lakes, North Yorkshire – is just a single meal away from creating angling history, with the fishery’s manager stating that if it is caught again before the end of March ‘it will be a record’.

Wykeham Lakes near Scarborough made headlines last November following the capture of a 39lb 15oz pike from its 7.5 acre trout lake to a lure angler. This specimen is believed to be the same fish.

This time the huge predator fell to a 6oz trout livebait presented on a paternoster rig by local angler Wyndon Coole, the capture taking its place in the history books as the fifth-heaviest pike ever landed in the UK.

“I’m still coming down from cloud nine. It’s an absolute dream,” Wyndon told Angling Times. “Me and my fishing partner Chris have put a lot of effort into Wykeham and had a lot of blanks, but this has made it all worthwhile.”

The capture and weighing of the massive fish was witnessed by several people, including the fishery’s manager, Mike Heelis.

“After the big pike last year we’ve been running trials on our trout lake for local anglers which have been going since January,” said Mike, speaking to Angling Times.

“Wyndon really deserved to catch this fish. He and his fishing partner Chris have put in loads of effort, it’s just a shame he didn’t catch it at the end of the trials as it would have been a lot bigger.

“I think the pike will be spawning late this year and this fish definitely wasn’t full of spawn, so if it comes out again it will be a record.”