43lb 6oz mirror carp best of six fish for Kev Hewitt

Solid PVA bags were the key to success for Kev Hewitt, who topped a six-fish catch with this stunning 43lb 6oz mirror carp from an Oxfordshire gravel pit.

With most of the other anglers targeting one end of the venue, the 27-year-old headed in the opposite direction and soon found a couple of fish showing. After catching a thirty off the top on the first afternoon he landed three low twenties from a clear area at 60yds the next morning.

“After landing these I noticed a few fish showing over a silty area at 30yds which I’d baited with around 1kg of mixed particles, so I flicked out a solid bag over the top,” he said. “In my opinion this is the most efficient way to fish over firm clear spots. When the carp are grubbing around over particles a short hooklink is perfect. Most of the anglers here tend to use chod rigs, so a solid bag gives the fish something different to deal with,” he added.

A 24lb common was the first fish to slip up from the spot and two hours later Kev’s alarm registered a single bleep with a slight twitch on the bobbin.

“I tend to fish fairly tight lines so that any movement on the bobbin, no matter how small, means my lead has been moved. When the fish rolled I knew by the length it had to be a forty.”

Kev fished a critically-balanced CC Moore Acid Pear Drop Hellraiser pop-up on a 4ins 15lb Drennan Super Specialist Sink Braid hooklink knotless-knotted to a size 8 ESP Curve Shanx hook with a 3.5oz Avid inline lead. This went inside an ESP mini PVA bag filled with mixed pellets.