32lb carp falls to stalking tactics

This superb 32lb mirror carp provided the perfect birthday present for Pete Smith when he visited Burghfield Blue Pool in Berks.

After deciding to leave his buzzers behind and stalk his quarry instead, the Fleet, Hants-based angler fed hemp and home-spiced curry luncheon meat before presenting the same flavoured meat on the hook.

“I lowered my rig in position and made sure the line sank well,” said Pete.  “I then sat back from the edge, holding the rod at all times and struck as soon as the line tightened giving the carp little time to throw the hook.

“It was the perfect way to celebrate my 29th birthday.”

Pete beat the fish with the help of a 9ft Shimano Beastmaster lure rod, an Okuma Sheffield centrepin, 15lb X-Line, a 4ins braided hooklink and a size 10 Korda wide gape hook.