11-year-old catches the chub of a lifetime plus video footage

One of the biggest chub caught this season has been landed by an 11-year-old school boy.

Weighing in at 8lb 8oz the fish of a life time was caught by Jamie Vine while fishing stillwater carp syndicate Grenville Lake in Cambridgeshire. The big specimen, which is one of three fish recorded at the weight this season (the other two coming from the river Lea), was caught by accident after it fell for the youngster’s popped up maggot hook bait, intended for the resident carp.

“We didn’t know the significance of what he’d caught to start with,” Jamie’s dad Alan, who he fishes with, told AT. “I had a drop back bite on one of the rods and Jamie grabbed it. We thought it was a small carp to start with until we saw it in the net but didn’t know that it was less than a pound off the current record.”

Amazingly the fish isn’t the first large chub to come from the 72 acre lake, with a specimen of 8lb 10oz landed by another carp angler - and venue owner Paul Ward thinks there could still be bigger to come. “The fish got into the lake when the near-by brook used to flood,” he told AT. “I’ve been out on the boat and seen some huge chub swimming just under the surface. I’m sure a very big fish will come out sooner or later.”

Jamie Vine sent us some camera phone footage of the fish, which can be seen below...