'Match anglers make the big fish lads look like noddies' claims AT columnist

Outspoken Angling Times columnist Steve Partner has reignited one of the oldest debates in fishing by claiming ‘match anglers make the big lads look like noddies’.

For years arguments have raged over which anglers are the best, with famous contests between Dick Walker and Tom Sails, then John Wilson and Dick Clegg, taking place in a bid to find the truth.

And this week Steve launches a broadside against specimen hunters – after top commercial angler Kieron Rich beat them at their own game by winning a catfish match.

“Think about it. Could the current England match fishing team turn their hand to catching giants? Absolutely,” said Steve. “But could the country’s top five bivvy boys, those who’ve caught more and bigger than everyone else, ever line up with Alan Scotthorne and Will Raison to represent their country? There’s more chance of spotting a Great White off Cornwall.”

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